On retreat

During a cold week at the end of October, the clergy team went on retreat together to spend time in prayer, as well as planning the year ahead, reflecting on the successes of the past year, and having fun. We were led in our retreat by the Rev’d Andrew Allen, chaplain and fellow of Exeter College, Oxford.

One of the real treats was just spending time in the convent, with the nuns, who made us feel so welcome, provided hearty meals, and prayed with us and for us. It was also wonderful to spend some time away from the usual business of parish life to be able to gain some perspective as a team.

As well as calm, there was a sense of real diligence in work. Our days were packed with work during the day, whether that was planning, discussing ideas for development, or simply praying for the parish: a big task in such a big parish!  We left having met with God in a number of ways, having gotten to know one another better, and sure of his love for us, and all those who live and work in our vibrant and busy parish.

The Main chapel at the convent provided a space for prayer and contemplation, away form the bustle of everyday life.
The rood screen which depicts Christ’s crucifixion. This exquisite piece of carving was helpful for times of quiet prayer and reflection.
The team making their way to vespers with the nuns

IMG_1895 IMG_1899


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