Lent and Easter

We are now in the season of Lent, a time of preparation for the celebrations of easter.

You can find our lent programme here.

Services for Holy Week and Easter

In the services of Compline during Holy Week we will be using paintings of the events of this week to continue to explore the nature of God.

Monday 10th April    8pm          Compline                  Christ before the High Priest (Honthorst)

Tues   11th April         8pm          Compline                  Christ the Rabbi (Scheffer)

Weds 12th April         8pm          Compline                  The Agony in the Garden (Montegna)

Thur  13th April         8pm          Maundy Sung Eucharist

With stripping of altars and washing of feet followed by the Vigil until midnight.

Good Friday               10am         Children’s workshop
                                                                       (St Alban’s)
                                         2pm          Service of the Cross

Easter Saturday         9pm          Easter Vigil and Service of Light

Easter Day                   8am          Easter Day Said Eucharist

                                         9:30am    Easter Re-FIISH

                                           11am        Easter Day Sung Eucharist