Mission is the work of God. There are things that need to be done in a parish like keeping the finances ticking over and making sure our beautiful buildings are in a good state for the next generation. But the work of God stretches much further than this. Although mission is something we take part in as Christians, it is the work of God because we give ourselves over to fulfilling his plan for the world.

Mission in this broad sense is anything that helps to bring about and make the Kingdom of God. This includes charity, caring for the environment, helping the poor, caring for the needy as well as just about anything else that helps make the world the place that God wants it to be. As a diocese, our strategy helps us to focus on how best to share the good news about Jesus, and make a difference for the common good:

Every Christian is called to take part in mission. It isn’t something that can be just left to the clergy or those that are really keen. At the end of the eucharist we are sent out into the world to take everything we have learnt and gained and ‘put it into practice’.

You’ll see evidence of our mission work all over the website from our support of Crawley Open House and charity events through to the social events and visits that are done. By far the most important work is done by ordinary Christians in their daily life. By becoming more Christ-like, through prayer and sacrament, they go out to bring the light of Christ into the darkness of the world.